Dear Marker,

I have had a few technical glitches with the electronic element of my blog. When I changed the appearance, I somehow wrecked the RSS feeds. A few days of fiddling with Themes and Widgets has not really paid off.

I have had to go back to the drawing board and create a whole new blog to showcase what I could salvage of my old work. It does not have al the bells and whistles, nor the full research my initial one had; but it works.

I have been unable to find a way of creating a contents page, or other way of more simply directing you to the criteria I am presenting for assessment.

Please find the following items for your consideration:

My Feature Article, Baby Benefits,

Two of my best posts from the readings,

My Review piece featuring outside, scholarly references

The main blog posts, illustrating some of my research,

Photos, which are provided to illustrate the themes I am working with.

I hope that my blog posts are not too difficult for you to find. I am still very much getting used to presenting work in this fascinating new format, so my next blog will be so much better than what I have created here.

Best of luck in the search and with your assessment task.


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