What next with my feature?

Once my feature story has been completed, I aim to have it published in magazines, in newspapers and online in targeted forums. My feature could easily be voiced as a radio story, or could appear in multimedia platforms, using visual, audio, graphic design and the written word, combined.  While the story has been written to showcase the local approach to the issues, it could be easily reformatted to have a wider appeal for a broader regional, interstate or international readership. The issues are not specific to our region, so the piece would have value and interest globally.

My target publication market is where ever there is an interest in community issues, families, pregnancy, education, health, emotional well being, parenthood, teen issues, childhood, local resourcing, alternative learning strategies and publications which strengthen communities.

Examples of specific publications I could send my story to would include obvious ones such as the Geelong Advertiser, Geelong and Surf Coast News, the Geelong and Surf Coast Independents and Geelong’s Baby and Child Magazine. I would be more ambitious and may submit to larger and interstate newspapers which have education and health supplements such as; The Australian NewspaperThe Canberra TimesSydney Morning HeraldNorthern Territory NewsBrisbane Courier MailThe Adelaide AdvertiserThe Hobart MercuryThe Melbourne Age or The West Australian. I am also interested in pursuing publications which have family and/or educational focus. These would include; The Conversation (Online), Curriculum Leadership (electronic teaching journal), Education Today (magazine), Educations Services Australia (Ministerial and business online educational publication), Practical Parenting (Magazine), Nurture Parenting (Magazine and online formats), Child Magazines (produced for each capital city), Happy Child (Magazine), Parenting Ideas (magazine), Australian Family (Online and magazine formats), Family Circle (Magazine), Australian Family (Magazine), Australian Woman’s Weekly (Magazine), Baby & Child (Magazine) or Parenting Ideas (Magazine).

There are also numerous websites and overseas publications that would be suitable to market my story to.



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